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J.E. Robinson in Pittsburgh, PA has six decades of experience in financial reporting. Throughout that time we’ve been consistent in providing clients with timely, high-quality financial statements that reflect their finances accurately. Our compiled statements are less costly than audited or reviewed reports and are preferred by small businesses who use the data as an internal management resource.

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There are 4 main types of financial statements:



An income statement shows an organization’s net profit or loss over a certain period of time. It begins with income from sales, then subtracts all expenses incurred during that period. An earnings per share figure may also be included if the financial statements are being issued by a publicly-held company.



A balance sheet reveals the financial position of a business at a specific point in time. The information is organized into three categories: assets, liabilities, and equity. Asset and liability line items are listed in order of liquidity, so that the most liquid items are stated first.



A cash flow statement (statement of cash flows) reveals the cash inflows and outflows of an organization during a period of time. These cash flows are organized into 3 categories: operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities. A cash flow statement can be hard to accurately compile. We recommend contacting us for assistance.



This document reports all changes in equity throughout the reporting period. Such changes may include the issuance or purchase of shares, dividends, and profits or losses.

Compiled Financial Statements

A compilation or “compiled financial statement” is simply a collection of financial statements prepared or compiled by an accountant outside your company. A compilation is usually the aggregate result of what accountants refer to as “write-up work.” At J.E. Robinson, we convert data provided by the client into compiled financial statements that are useful and easy to understand.

Compilations often allow small businesses, without an accountant, to have financial statements prepared at a lower cost than reviewed or audited financial statements.


based on your specific needs.

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