Tax planning is the process of determining how, whether, or when to conduct business or personal transactions so that taxes are eliminated or drastically reduced. The tax advisors at J.E. Robinson in Pittsburgh, PA can assist you in developing short term and long term tax strategies that will lower your tax bill over the next several years.

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As a small business owner, it pays to be proactive in all cases. Taxes are no different. If you only meet with your tax accountant once a year, when taxes are due, you miss out on months of tax-saving opportunities.

We recommend meeting with a tax advisor quarterly in order to:

  • identify all tax credit opportunities,
  • strategically plan large purchases,
  • maximize deductions,
  • reduce your overall taxable income,
  • lower your tax rate,



Protecting personal income and investments, while remaining compliant with today’s complex tax laws can be a huge challenge. That’s why J.E. Robinson makes expert tax advice accessible and affordable year-round. Our tax pros have advanced training and knowledge of tax law. We offer money-saving tax consulting on issues such as:

  • retirement savings accounts,
  • real estate sales or income from rental properties,
  • trust funds,
  • self-employment income,
  • home office deductions, and
  • stock options.

Tax Consulting for Major Life Events

A lot of people don’t realize the importance of consulting a tax advisor when you experience a major life event. Events like marriage, divorce, child adoption, caring for elderly parents, inheritances, family deaths, career changes, and moving into a new home all have important tax implications that can hurt or help you financially based on your understanding of the law.

Don’t risk losing excess money to the IRS

We are tax law experts and can offer money-saving tax plans, such as strategically timing the sale of personal assets, utilizing all available deductions and credits, and much more.


We make tax planning affordable for everyone!

Start tax planning with J.E. Robinson today, and expect greater savings tomorrow. To get your free quote, answer a few questions below or call our Pittsburgh office at

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